At Endeavour Land we have our own in-house research arm tailoring and undertaking comprehensive research projects about housing, people, and economy that directly inform our solution and go way beyond the standard housing market research done by property developers.

That was we can utilize and combine our unique knowledge base to continuously enhance our approach in order to innovate and reimagine homes and housing to improve people’s lives.

Our ambitious data-driven approach and extensive analysis make the difference between an acceptable solution and a truly innovative one.



Our Proprietary Research Platform

Our TrueData© customized software offers an exhaustive list of features to ensure the highest standard of data integrity and allows us to maximize overall survey capacity and productivity by generating graphs, charts and tables in real time.

TrueData© allows for direct data entry with verification, independent data coding and cleaning modes.

The connectivity and intelligent design of this system will result in

  • Faster survey implementation and end-to-end turnaround times;
  • Streamlined overall efficiency;
  • Reduced execution related mistakes and narrowed scope for human error;
  • Enhanced data accuracy;
  • Diminished opportunities for fraudulent practices and execution malpractice; and,
  • Maximised data integrity and reliability.


  • Focus Group Discussion & Observation Rooms
  • Interviewers / Research Agents
    • 97 part-time trained and experienced interviewers and survey supervisors capable of executing various survey methodologies in English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.
  • CATI Workstations / Call Center

Our Research Facilities

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